Demanding a response: the story of children living on the street

We are committed to data-driven programming. We are also committed to transparency. Here is one way we combine both. Below, you will find data we collected that drive our decision making about the best programming possible for children currently living on the street.

You will find, as we did, that children want a way of the street. They want education. They have close relationships with other children on the street. Their mental health is challenged by their lives on the street. They want to rejoin their families, or at least to be in a caring family.

Thus, we are preparing a transitional learning farm, where they can move from the streets to a safe life with their peers. They can learn in the first and second years of their time at the farm, and prepare to rejoin their families or another family in their community. Please let us know what else you find of interest by emailing us using the the contact form at the bottom this page.