Christmas Donation Catalog 2017


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Watoto wa Ahadi Rescue Center

Children of Promise Rescue Center seeks to fulfill a promise to all children – they are loved, loved, truly loved. Helping children who live on the street find rescue from the streets, restoration to their full potential and reintegration with their home families and communities, Ahadi Rescue Center is currently recruiting its second cohort of children. The 35 children newly coming to Ahadi Rescue Center from the streets will require new clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, and school supplies.

Housing / Bedding
Administrative Support
  • Office space rental: $80/month
  • Monthly donation to general budget: your choice

Family Strengthening

To ensure a safe place to return after graduating our rescue center program, prevent other children from moving to the street, and promote the general well-being of highly vulnerable families and children, we have begun this year a family strengthening program. This program mobilizes and empowers community members to care for each other, and learn how to better meet their own needs in a sustainable way. Topics that families address include HIV, positive parenting, gender-based violence, food production, water access and academic success of their children. Since February 2017, over 2000 families in 7 communities have been served in this program. The main costs of this program come from facilitating regular meetings and special trainings.