Our hopes for the children we work with are as high as their own. If they can dream it, we want to help make it happen. The overwhelming majority of children we work with indicate they do not want to live in the streets, but rather want to pursue education and employment, family and community like anyone else. Some children have biological families who can take them in, and others do not. Regardless of the status of a child’s biological family, we are partnering with community members to provide nurturing home environments to help the children live as members of the community. The specific strategy to help a child thrive after spending time at our rescue center farm depends on the child’s circumstances, but having a successful strategy for each child after the farm is as important as their time on the farm itself. Research shows that children do better in homes, rather than in an institutional setting. We are committed to ensuring that each child who comes through our farm can become part and parcel of his or her wider community.

In addition to making a lasting impact in the lives of the children we work with, we also aim to make a lasting impact in the communities we work with. We work through community partnerships, helping add capacity to the community’s ability to care for its own children. Sometimes, this implies helping the community understand the invaluable assets contributed by each and every child. Most of the time, however, this means simply assisting a community in its on-going efforts to care for its most vulnerable. In whatever way possible and necessary, we aim to add permanent value in the places we work.