Our organization and its efforts are not only efforts to substantially improve the lives of children for a
day or even a year. Our most earnest vision is nothing short of changing the world for the children
whose lives are most imperiled. We understand and accept that this is a massive undertaking, and while
we begin with one child on one day, we do not stop there. A few ideas contribute to our understanding

Organizational Stabililty
We believe strongly in the ability of our organization to make a difference in the lives of children.
Therefore, we seek to create an organization that is able to survive financially through varying economic
hardships that may affront our primary donors. Further, we seek to be reliant on a wide variety of
funders rather than one or just a few. We see the use of our finances as a moral statement about our
own integrity and the world we wish to create. We do not waste resources largely because resources
allow us to extend our impact in the world.