Sodzo International is a faith-inspired, evidence-driven 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to advance the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Global Problem

There are a variety of converging and catastrophic events that force a child to leave home to live on the streets. In speaking with the children, we found they have experienced everything from physical and sexual violence, to being kicked out of their homes after a parent has decided there are too many children under one roof, or to being orphaned after HIV/AIDS took the life of a loved one. As children are driven to the streets, the closest thing to family they can find is a group centered substance abuse, violence, and a shared despair from the lack of a brighter future.


A Local Solution

  • Meru County, Kenya:

Currently, we are establishing a rescue center for children living on the streets in Meru County, Kenya to offer these children hope and opportunity by creating a safe place of healing and liberation from cycles of violence, rejection, and extreme poverty.

We have developed an intervention to help each child transition from their current place on the street to active community life where they will be productive members and leaders. The intervention includes vocational and classroom-based education, psycho-social support and spiritual formation with peers and mentors, all within a safe place to recover from their glue addiction. The program will conclude with a staged reintegration into the community by tailoring a unique exit strategy, including post-intervention support for each child.