Logos Communities (now Sodzo International) was established as an independent non-profit entity in 2008, with a mission to establish partnerships with communities around the world for mutual benefit. Between its inception and January 1, 2015, Logos Communities provided funds for tertiary education to over 50 students in Nicaragua and Malawi, in addition to installing 3 clean water wells, and funding research on orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. On January 1, 2015, Logos Communities officially changed its legal name to Sodzo International.


Sodzo International modifies the original mission of Logos Communities by focusing specifically on the world’s most vulnerable children. This new focus emerged as one member of the Logos Communities board of directors, Michael Goodman, completed his doctoral training in public health at the University of Texas, School of Public Health. Dr. Goodman’s research on orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya led to the development of a partnership between him and Maua Methodist Hospital in Meru County, Kenya. While overseeing global health research projects involving medical students from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Dr. Goodman worked alongside the director of the community health department, Mr. Stanley Gitari. Mr. Gitari approached Dr. Goodman to consider the possibility of developing an intervention to address the plight of children living on the street around Maua Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Goodman, working alongside another doctoral candidate in public health at the University of Texas, Sarah Seidel, completed a few rounds of formative research to inform an intervention to improve the well-being of children living on the street. This plan involved the use of farm land, housing, trained staff, and administrative oversight. The Methodist Church of Kenya identified 73 acres of arable farm land, and Maua Methodist Hospital administer multiple parallel projects targeting similarly vulnerable populations. With ripe prospects of a successful partnership between a US-based organization and Kenyan partners, people with applicable skills and interests were targeted in the US to develop a new board of directors.