Friends of Sodzo!

Because of your generosity, 33 children who knew the streets as home now have a safe place to lay their heads. On Saturday, April 23, children from towns around the Nyambene Synod in Meru County, Kenya moved to a new home - the Watoto wa Ahadi (Children of Promise) Rescue Center. They will live here for one to two years, becoming prepared to reintegrate with families - biologically related or Good Samaritans from the community. While they have only lived on the farm for a bit over a week, the children are eager to begin school and learn livelihood skills.


When the children moved in, you helped provide clothes, food, shelter, medical care, and a shower. We assumed at least one child would want to return to the streets, preferring a familiar place to the home we have prepared at Ahadi center. In fact, no child has asked to leave, and no child has returned to huffing glue that used to keep them numb to the realities of their lives.

Move-in day was difficult because we had to leave children behind who wanted a way off the streets. Some children clung to the vehicle used to transport those who were selected. Another child (age 8 years) waited all day for staff to come transport him to a place to go to school. When he learned the center had reached capacity, he began the days-long walk to the center anyhow. Our staff learned of this child, and added a bed to the dormitory for him. We promised the other children that we are working our hardest to accommodate them soon.


Watoto wa Ahadi Staff, Farm & School


At the time of the last updates, we had not interviewed nor hired any full time staff. Because of our partner generiosity, we now have a fantastic staff.  We are grateful to Action for Chidren in Conflict of Thika, Kenya for providing such thorough training of our staff before we launched. With such well-trained and highly motivated staff, our children and program rest in good hands.


Our partners at Engineers Without Borders (EWB)-Johnson Space Center installed a wonderful water system around the farm in March. We are developing housing structures for pigs (5), rabbits (5), chickens (20), and cows (2 cows, 1 bull), to accompany our 26 goats and sheep. Additionally, we are installing 10 honeybee hives. Our farm manager trained at a few different locations to learn how to best utilize the land we’ve been entrusted to train our children and the local community in growing practices.


The school building has been competed and will be used to provide remedial education to children, as well as host trainings for the local community and families supporting Ahadi children after they leave the farm.