Rev. Dr. Michael Goodman

Rev. Dr. Michael Goodman  

Dr. Michael Goodman completed a Masters and Doctorate in Public Health at the University of Texas, School of Public Health in 2014.

His dissertation evaluated multiple outcomes associated with participation in an orphan empowerment program in Kenya. His research interests focus on increasing research to inform community-based interventions improving livelihoods, food and nutrition, sexual risk, WASH-sector activities, school completion and literacy, and mental health outcomes of orphans and vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa.

He is a co-founder and board member of the Houston Global Health Collaborative. He has been a board member of Logos Communities since 2008. He completed a Masters of Divinity at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, and understands his professional efforts as an application of Christ’s call to form the world such that it is a welcoming home for all of God’s children.

He has worked previously as a director of student ministry at the University of Texas Medical Branch and continues to mentor students there. The greatest joys in his life are his wife, Lauren Raimer-Goodman, and his two children, Lilly and Jude.

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