Before we are or do anything, we seek to obediently follow the leadership of God as seen in the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Following his leadership, we recognize two directions in which we must be faithful – to God and to other people.

Faithful to God

Before we express love in the world, God expresses God’s self. In participating in the life of God, we participate in Love. Whatever concern we have for our fellow human originates in the heart of God, and however we design our successes, God has already understood what our success might look like. We seek to participate in the life of God as expressed in the person of Jesus Christ, and we seek to follow God’s leadership in loving and serving the world. Further, we do not consider ourselves as unique experts in the work we conduct, but rather seek to remain open to insights into our work from all who are informed by love and knowledge.

Faithful to Fellow Humans

Jesus teaches us that to whom much is given, much is expected. We understand that our access to material wealth comes as a command to be faithful to care for people who do not have such access. We believe, therefore, that each person should have a basic access to opportunity to provide for their own well-being. Where opportunities to make meaningful choices to improve one’s own life and the life of one’s community are most threatened, we seek to be most present.

Faithful to Our Donors and Volunteers

Those who invest in our programs, and the outcomes we seek, do so with the trust that our organization will make a meaningful impact in the life of the world’s most vulnerable children. We take this trust seriously. We, therefore, seek to be transparent and accountable. We will provide our donors with timely accounts of the result of their donations, and if we fail in our effort, we are committed to providing knowledge of our failure to our donors. When we succeed, our donors will also know and share in our joy. We will keep timely and available financial documents to demonstrate our use of funds. Program outcome successes and failures will be made available without censorship.