There is an immense unkindness facing the children we seek to impact. We seek to counter this unkindness not principally through great programming, but through kindness. Kindness will be expressed in our programming, and through all our interactions with others. Our success will not be marked by whether we have great programming, but by whether the lives of those targeted by our programming experience more kindness.


We understand that the lived experiences of the children for whom we seek to create a kinder world could well be our own lived experiences – or those of our children. Just as we had no choice over the life circumstances into which we were born, neither do children who live on the streets of Kenya have choice over the lives into which they were born. We embrace the fact that we could be in much harsher circumstances, and strive to understand the challenges of children in harsh living conditions. More than understanding, we also seek to be moved to action on their behalf.

Cross-Cultural Respect

We operate within certain cultural parameters that are sometimes difficult to identify. We express kindness for our partners from other cultures when we respect our differences, and learn from the perspectives other cultures may hold. As the majority of our programming is focused on children and communities in other cultures, we are kind and wise when we listen and learn from partners within those cultures more than we instruct and guide.