Staff (Kenya)

Enid Gakii

Social Worker

Enid Gakii holds a Diploma in Information Technology (Computer Information Systems) and a Social worker practitioner for four years.
She works with vulnerable children in contact with the streets, families and individuals as an agent of rescue, rehabilitation, re-socialization and reintegration.
Her professional life includes a commitment to serving the needs of children in contact with the streets and their families.
As a devout Christian, her presence in the organization is an act of grace, in impacting and transforming the lives of children in contact with the streets and livelihoods of their families by guiding and counseling.
Her motivation is in seeing the realization of the dream of a young child in contact with the streets, and fostered reunion between the child and the family. She is passionate about the vision and mission of the Sodzo family.

Viona Gacheri

Social worker

Viona Gacheri holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Health and Development. Viona is a social worker who helps in strengthening families of people living with HIV/ AIDS at Sodzo-Kenya under the KPJ- HIV program. She believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to grow. She is passionate and motivated to reduce the stigma in her community and also create a safe space for children in these families. She is God- fearing, hardworking and innovative.

Kainga Justah Karambu

Social worker

Kainga Justah karambu is a Diploma holder in Community Development and Diploma holder in Information and technology. She is a social worker at Sodzo-Kenya in KP- HIV program; she is passionate about working with OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) people living with HIV and communities. Her goal is to create positive impact in their lives and strengthen families living with HIV to live a happier life. She believes that every child has a God given potential and through strengthening families every child can accomplish his or her potential. 

She is God- fearing and loves learning, innovative and self- motivated.

Beth Mwende Mung’athia

Business development officer

Beth Mwende Mung’athia is a Diploma Holder in Human Resource Management and Advanced Certificate in Business Management. She is a Business development officer in KPJ Program. She is a God-fearing person and working with Sodzo –Kenya is a blessing to her .She is imparts entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to families and communities to improve on the economic status while starting and growing businesses. She also gives advice on better avenues of investing.She is a social person who likes interacting with colleagues and the community.

Kelvin Munene Moses

Project Manager-ARC SODZO Kenya

Kelvin Moses is a project manager at ARC- SODZO Kenya with more than 3 years’ experience In working with OVCs and families, Child Protection and safeguarding and M&E. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Moi University. Kelvin is a Registered Member of Kenya National Association of Social Workers (KNASW)- Uasin Gishu Branch and a member of the Rotaract Club of Mt Kenya Meru under Rotary International.

Kelvin Moses is Passionate in working with vulnerable households and orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) because of his interests in family and children welfare social work as well as advocating for the rights of children and their caregivers.

Crispine Mutethia Muketha

Procurement officer

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management and also a certified member of the chartered Institute of Procurement studies. Him being in this organization is a blessing, making a child belong, be loved and also making the community grow as a whole inspires him to carry out his financial duties with top most professionalism and accountability he is a believer of the Sodzo mission that the wellbeing of the most vulnerable should be advanced

Fridah Mukiri

KPJ-HIV Program Coordinator

She has a BSc. in Public Health and a Diploma in Community Health and Development. She coordinates KPJ-HIV program in Strengthening Families Living with HIV/AIDS and fights for Stigma reduction and adherence to medication to families affected by HIV/AIDS . She is also involved in data collection in qualitative, quantitative research, facilitation of focus group discussions and research team meetings. She is an enthusiast in hygiene practices and wellbeing of children and people in the society. Finally, she is Passionate about children and restoring family cohesion.

Julius Kaaria


Julius kaaria has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and is a certified accountant by KASNEB. He is passionate on performing his financial duties to ensure accountability in the organization. He is passionate about children at ARC makes keen follow up of school children who are sponsored by Sodzo fraternity.

Lucy Lichoro

Early Childhood Development Education Officer

Lucy has a Degree in Early childhood development Education. She works at Sodzo- Kenya in KPJ program. She is God fearing person as well as gifted in preaching the word of God. She enjoys playing with kids during play group activities and training parents on parenting skills. She is lovely and committed to line of duty.

She finally quotes that: When goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

George Comba Kinyua


He is our well experienced driver who can maneuver in almost any terrain in some rough roads within our working regions during reintegration and home tracing. He is in the forefront during rescuing of street children with the social workers. He is a saved person and a very good preacher and during praise and worship sessions. He is not only a driver but also a skilled farmer and on his free time he assists in farming at the ARC farm.

Purity Makena

Social wokrer

She has a Diploma holder in Community Health and HIV management and she is a qualified as a HIV testing and counseling provider. She is whole-hearted, God fearing who is highly motivated and dedicated in performing her duties Her being in Sodzo-Kenya, she is passionate about empowering vulnerable communities to improve their socio-economic status and equipping them with knowledge and skills.

Carren Kendi

Social worker

Carren Kendi is a Diploma holder in Community Health and HIV Management. She is passionate in touching and bringing change in growing the community. Behold, she is God fearing, she is a talented singer who leads praise and worship sessions during devotions at Sodzo. She is self-driven person with curiosity in learning to achieve the set goals of the organization by delivering skills and knowledge to vulnerable people in the society.

Edward Mwenda Kathia


He is a skillful driver with vast knowledge of routes and directions among the communities we work with. One of his priceless virtues is that he is a very punctual man. Apart from his work he assists groups in the community on trainings together with social workers and resource officers

Florence Mwendwa


Florence Mwendwa Mithika is a Teacher at Sodzo Kenya. She holds a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development and a Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE).

She is a God- fearing lady, passionate about children making them understand their needs and rights to education, she imparts them with knowledge and skills making them realize their dreams. She also likes interacting and socializing with children. She is also a Physical Education instructor which greatly helps natural detoxification and fitness.

George Muthee


George Muthee is a Chef at Sodzo-Kenya. Children refer to call him ‘KAPARO'(Meaning chef). He has is a trained Chef who is capable of handling vulnerable children. He is a God fearing person who works under less supervision. He ensures the children have a balanced diet. He trains the children in basic life skills like preparing meals. He likes dancing and playing with the children.

William Mutwiri


William Mutwiri is a Housefather at ARC. He holds a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development and a Certificate in Guidance and Counseling. He is a God-fearing person, who goes an extra mile while working with vulnerable children and families to achieve personal and organizational set goals. He ensures the children practice proper hygiene, imparts knowledge and skills about behavior change, holding counseling sessions with children and taking care of them when unwell during rehabilitation.

Jackson Mwenda Akwalu

Social Worker

He has a Diploma in Community development and social work. He is asocial worker who strengthens people living with HIV apart from that he is well known for his oration. He is very hard working and thorough person while training or also learning. He is a preacher and at times he preaches the lords work. He is a person who is passionate about children and likes interacting with children at ARC.

Fridah Mukiri Kobia

Social Worker

Fridah holds a diploma in community development and social worker at Sodzo Kenya ARC. She is a God fearing hardworking and self-driven towards transforming the lives of children in contact with the streets through rescue, rehabilitation, re-socialization and reintegration. She also likes interacting with the kids through playing games dancing and also imparting them with life skills

Christine Gatwiri

Program Manager-Kuja Pamoja Lwa Jamii

Christine has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Sociology and is finalizing her postgraduate degree in strategic Management. She is passionate about children and believes that every child possess a unique God-given potential; inspired by this belief, she empowers parents in the Kuja Pamoja kwa Jamii with different livelihood skills and knowledge to make families a safe place for children to thrive in.

With different trainings in leadership, parenting, community mobilization, methods of Positive discipline she manages the KPJ Program and assists in other organization activities.

She is a God fearing lady who upholds integrity, truth and honesty. She is self-motivated and an innovative team player.

Aaron Godoy

Technology Officer

Aaron has worked closely with nonprofits for over 8 years and is a certified Salesforce Application Architect. His experience spans numerous nonprofit domains including health education, urban homelessness, global public health, and young adult workforce solutions. He specializes in data model architecture, systems integration, and custom user interfaces with a heavy emphasis on pristine user experience.

In his free time you will see Aaron exploring Texas’ expansive wilderness, learning foreign languages, and toying with the latest and greatest open source software to help bring innovation to impactful philanthropic missions.